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<div class="showmore"> <p> Shop for women’s bridal wear products online at Nayomi Every little girl dreams of being a princess. She imagines the castle that she would live in, and her beautiful room. She imagines walking into her glamorous and decadent dressing room and finding it full of luxurious and breath taking dresses for her to choose from. She dreams about meeting her perfect prince, who instantly falls in love with her because of her beauty and elegance. They have a big, extravagant wedding, and live happily ever after. These are the dreams that we have as little girls but when we grow up we lose a bit of the magic and wonder that this dream created in us as little girls. Well at Nayomi, this fantasy lives on. When you step into a beautiful Nayomi store, you are transported to a princess’s dream dressing room, with stunning chandeliers and beautiful seating. With rows and rows of glamorous dresses to choose from, one making you feel more beautiful and precious than the next. Our fitting rooms are large and luxurious, and our sales ladies are attentive experts ready to make your every wish come true. For almost thirty years, ladies across the Middle East have placed their trust in Nayomi, but especially so when they are preparing for special occasions. This trust is built on the Nayomi promise of quality and elegant design, and has made us the favourite nightwear and lingerie retailer in the Middle East for many years. Our customers have trusted us with most memorable moments in their life, such as preparing for, and embarking on, the magical journey of marriage. The expression of beauty and elegance is at the heart of everything we do, and this has been the foundation on which we’ve built our relationships with our customers, who depend on us to provide them with products that enhance her special day and the start of a perfect, happy and loving marriage. To perfectly capture the magic of this special occasion, Nayomi has a dedicated team of designers based right here in the Middle East. This highly skilled and creative team have the wonderful task of dreaming up all the magical and fanciful bridal collections Nayomi is so famous for. Every single collection must inspire our princesses to experience moments of love, discovery and expression of her dreams. All of our nightwear designers are also women, which means every bridal robe brought to you by Nayomi, has been designed by someone who understand the magic of being a being a bride, but most importantly, the magic of being a woman. Our widest range of Nayomi bridal nightwear will satisfy your shopping choices for wedding ensemble Nayomi offers our brides everything they’ll need to create the perfect trousseau, with our incredible selection of Bridal gift sets, that contain a carefully selected range of products, including bridal robes, bridal bath set, bride slippers and much more. Each range of bridal robes is intricately and beautifully designed, to make our young bride look and feel just like a true princess. We achieve this by using stunning silks, satins, chiffons and laces, to ensure our bridal long dresses are elegant, regal and beautiful, and is guaranteed to transform the lady wearing it into a glamorous princess. Be a vision in pure white, or glamorous gold; soft pink or sensual cream. Whichever bridal long dress you choose, you will feel feminine the moment you slip it on. Each bridal long dress has a matching bridal robe that can be worn over it, or even on its own. These incredibly beautiful robes use fine laces, delicate mesh and sheer chiffons to create the most beautiful, flowing shape to compliment the already glamorous long dress. These robes are further enhanced with design elements such as silk flowers, diamante’s, lace and satin trims, to create a robe that is a good to look at as it is to wear. For brides who prefer a shorter dress design, Nayomi also offers a selection of short bridal dresses. These decadent dresses combine the beautiful fabric and all the incredible design elements you will find in a long dress, but in a short dress shape. Some of the bridal short dresses on offer at Nayomi also have a matching short robe, which can be worn with it or on its own. A Nayomi princess deserves only the best for her bridal party robes, and she can depend on us to create the perfect look. For the moments of relaxation on your honeymoon or as a new bride, a bridal pajama set from Nayomi is the perfect companion. We have said that Nayomi enhances every moment of the day, and this is also true for those moments when you just want to enjoy some rejuvenation and relaxation. Even at these times, a Nayomi princess still expects to look and feel elegant and regal, hence Nayomi’s range of bride pajamas, inspired by the decadent designs of the bridal robes and gift sets. Every one of our incredible PJ sets is designed using the same beautiful fabrics and elegant touches, and results in pajama styles that are incredibly comfortable to wear. The wonderful feeling of comfort is achieved thanks to a relaxed fit pajama pant, that has an elasticated band, and a classic pj top design that is much loved for its generous shape and elegant styling. As with all Nayomi bridal products, our pj’s are even further enhanced thanks to the special attention we give to smaller details, such as satin covered buttons, masterful use of delicate lace details and contrast piping on collars and sleeves. This allows us to create a range of bridal pajama sets that will envelop you in glamor and comfort at a special moment of the day. We also offer a range of stunning bridal slippers that can be worn with any of our bridal robes or bridal pajama sets. We offer slippers that are soft and cocooning or slippers that have heels and are designed to create a glamorous and sensual look. Complete your honeymoon look, or transform any lingerie, with a pair of Nayomi slippers. The final, perfect touch to your bridal trousseau is without a doubt a piece from our decadent and elegant range of bridal underwear and lingerie. For the best wedding lingerie, get them now at Nayomi Every woman wants to feel special and adored. She wants to feel like a princess that is loved and cherished by her prince. She deserves to experience the beautiful and magical fairy tale. At Nayomi, we not only understand that women want to feel this way but we also understand that sometimes our princess wants enhance the perfect moment of happiness with her prince, by wearing something a little more sexy and sensual. For moments like these, Nayomi has a treasure trove full of expertly created wedding lingerie and bridal underwear for our princesses to experience. From our exquisite range of sexy wedding night lingerie, to the most beautiful range of bridal bra and bridal panties you can imagine, your wedding underwear should make you feel as special and elegant as your bridal robe does, and Nayomi has the only range of wedding undergarments that will achieve this. A vision of beauty is created thanks to the fabrics and colours our designers have selected for a truly special wedding lingerie range, using silks, satins and laces in pure white, light cream and even soft pink colour choices. You will feel pampered and adored from the first moment, to the last. For centuries, fragrance has had a special effect and influence over humans. A scent has the power to make us fall in love, and to reawaken passion in a loved one. Nayomi has a special and memorable perfume for every princess to find her perfect match. With fragrances ranging from decadent and romantic floral bouquets, to hypnotising and mesmerizing oriental treasures, you will find the perfume that captures your dreams for your wedding day at Nayomi. Buy online your bridal bras & nightwear at Nayomi Nayomi is a brand that you have trusted to provide products that amaze, excite and delight you at every moment of your day, and we believe that the special, intimate moments shared between a husband and wife are no different. Nayomi has been trusted by millions of women to create the perfect start to their married life. They turn to us to provide them beauty and elegance, sensuality and decadence. This is our focus when we design our range of bridal robes and bridal long dresses; short bridal dresses or bride pajama sets. It’s carried into every piece of wedding lingerie, bridal bra and even our decadent bridal panties. We are focused on creating a range of products that will transform you and make sure you feel as beautiful in your bridal party robes as you do in your bridal nightwear. Visit Nayomi today and step into your very own princess experience. Allow us to guide you on a magical journey, filled with love, happiness and passion as you start your married life together. Browse bridal lingerie online at your comfort or visit any Nayomi shop today and step into your very own princess experience. Allow us to guide you on a magical journey, filled with love, happiness and passion. </p> </div>
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