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<div class="showmore"> <p> Shop for the best beauty products online at Nayomi For centuries, fragrance has had a special effect & influence over humans. A scent has the power to reawaken memories we thought were long forgotten, & a perfume can communicate a thousand words in one breath. Nayomi has a special & memorable perfume for every princess to find her perfect match. With fragrances ranging from decadent & romantic floral bouquets, to hypnotising & mesmerizing oriental treasures, you will find the perfume that captures your mood, & heart, at Nayomi. At Nayomi we understand that a fragrance is so much more than simply a perfume. For our princesses, fragrance is an expression of her lifestyle, & something she uses throughout her day, & in different forms, to create the perfect mood & effect. As such Nayomi has skilfully developed a wide range of complimentary fragrance products, to help our princesses create a sweet & memorable experience every day. Did you know that every fragrance sold by Nayomi, is made in the fragrance capital of the world- France. Combining century’s worth of experience, with cutting edge manufacturing methods & high quality ingredients & oils, we ensure that every spray of Nayomi perfume you use, will be long lasting & elegant throughout the day. For perfect & long lasting results, Nayomi recommends you layer your fragrance. This is easy to do with our wide range of fragranced products to choose from. Get world-class fragrances for women at Nayomi It is easy to find your signature perfume at Nayomi, with the wide range of beautiful fragrances we’ve created for you to choose from. Each Nayomi Eau de Perfume is meticulously made to provide you with long lasting fragrance; thanks to the refined oils we’ve selected that create a range of the best perfume for women to choose from. This oils warm up when sprayed onto your skin, & results in a fragrant scent that envelops you throughout your day. If you like perfumes inspired by a romantic bouquet of florals, the Amirah perfume range is the perfect choice, thanks to notes of peony & rose petals. For a deeper & more sensual fragrance, the iconic Gazal perfume is a ladies perfume like no other. This glamorous fragrance is a modern interpretation of a classic, with hints of fragrant oud & spices. Maybe you simply fall in love with the feminine & romantic design of our Dentelle perfumes or the eye-catching sparkle of the famous Shaza fragrance. Whichever way your heart is swayed, you can rest assured that your Nayomi fragrance will transform your day into precious moments of fragranced happiness. Each iconic Nayomi perfume collection includes a refreshing & tantalizing body mist. Ideal to use as a body splash during hot days, this refreshing body spray allows you to spritz your skin & revive your fragrance throughout the day. As a body mist does not contain high quantities of oil, like a perfume does, it is safe to use to lightly fragrance fabrics or even your hair. Add a touch sparkle to your skin with a shimmering body mist. This range contains the same beautiful & refreshing fragrances you love, but each spray is transformed into something truly special thanks to the gorgeous shimmering effect it leaves on your skin. Perfectly safe to use on your hair as well, you will radiate beauty with it’s dazzling effects. Enjoy the best skin care products at Nayomi Skin care is important to every lady, & at Nayomi, we take this body care step to the next level by skilfully combining the best skin moisturizer products, with a sumptuous Nayomi perfume of your choice. The result is body care that also creates longer lasting fragrance experience. Our luscious body butter is an intensive & rich body cream, perfect for when you want to hydrate your skin well. Feel the effects of deep moisturizing when you apply it generously after a bath or shower. To maintain the moisturising effect throughout the day, you can use a Nayomi body lotion. This is the best body lotion for dry skin that acts as a light moisturizer while providing the perfect layer of light fragrance. Our body lotion can also be used as a hand lotion, providing the same moisturizing & fragrance benefits. The perfect final touch, on your journey of magical fragrance, is without a doubt our decadent shimmering body powder, which will gently wrap you in a shimmering, fragranced cloud. Our shimmering body powder seals in the moisturizing benefits created with the body butter & body lotions you’ve used, while further enhancing your perfume, thanks its gentle scent found in the powder. The shimmer effect will make your skin simply radiant & transform the moment forever. At Nayomi, we truly believe that a lovely fragrance transforms every experience, & to prove it we’ve created a range of fragrance candles in some our iconic fragrance scents for you to enjoy. The soft glow of a candle can set a romantic tone, or it can simply be the perfect compliment to a relaxing time of pampering. The Nayomi luxury candles will fill a room with a soft fragrance, thanks to the same high quality oils that we use in our perfumes. So if you love a Nayomi fragrance you will agree that these are the best smelling candles you will find! Our candles make a lovely & thoughtful gift, especially when paired with one of the lovely perfume gift sets, sold at Nayomi. Try Nayomi’s extensive beauty sets & fragrance ranges to satisfy your desires for the best beauty products Every one of our women’s perfume gift sets are packaged in beautiful, luxury gift boxes or gift bags, & are available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Each beauty gift set contains a combination of best-selling items from a fragrance range, including a perfume, body lotion, body wash, body mist, mini perfume & more. These perfume sets will be appreciated as a thoughtful & beautiful gift, & will show someone that you really care. Nayomi is a brand that you have trusted to provide products that amaze, excite & delight you at every moment of your day, & we believe that the special, intimate moments shared between a husband & wife are no different. Nayomi offers you the widest range of intimate beauty products available in the Middle East, with the Booty Parlour & Bijoux Indiscrets ranges. Sold exclusively at Nayomi, each intimate beauty product will open a world of heightened pleasure & playfulness for you to explore together. Let the playtime begin with our range of body paint by Bijoux Indescret. The body paint range, sold strawberry & cherry flavours, is designed to be delicious & decadent while completely safe to use on skin & fabrics. Let the artist use the body paint to transform you into a masterpiece of his dreams. The Bijoux Indescrets range also includes a velvety massage gel, perfect for getting rid of any pent up tension; & a hypnotic fragrance called Aphrodisia, that will be the cause of all that tension. The Booty Parlour range, another iconic range brought to you exclusively by Nayomi, offers a variety of experiences to share between lovers. A range of fragrances are available & includes a selection of shimmering body mists, as well as a teasing lingerie mist, that will make sure your intentions are clear. Make him guess the flavour with one of our decadent breath mist products. This delicious mouth spray range is available in a variety of flavours, one designed to be more enticing than the next. Our Booty Parlour breath spray is perfectly safe to use as often as you like. Create an exciting experience with the Booty Parlour fresh breath spray, & enjoy the effects that the best breath spray in the market has on you. Warming massage oils offer another opportunity to experience pleasure together, as it is well known that an oil massage enhances intimacy by enticing all your senses, through touch. Booty Parlour massage oils, available in a range of intoxicating scents, is one of the most popular body massage oil products on the market, & has been trusted as the favourite massaging oil for thousands of women around the world. Buy best beauty products online only at Nayomi Nayomi has been trusted for almost thirty years by women across the Middle East, to provide a world of products that enhance every moment of their lives. Our extensive range of fragrance & beauty products make our customers feel like a princess & that she has the world in her power to command. We strive daily to provide products that offer exceptional quality & meet every need she may have, & the impressive & extensive range of beauty products available only at Nayomi, is the culmination of all those efforts. Not only do we believe you will discover the best perfume for women in our selection of fragrances, but we also believe we offer you the best beauty products to enjoy at every moment of your day. Trust Nayomi to complete your moments of happiness with a fragrance that will capture the memory & keep it secure forever in your heart. Love is the sweet perfume that will last a lifetime & your love of Nayomi fragrances will never fade. Browse beauty products online at your comfort or visit any Nayomi shop today & step into your very own princess experience. Allow us to guide you on a magical journey, filled with love, happiness & passion. </p> </div>
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