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It’s not as scary as you think!

With so many shapes and so many styles, it’s not surprising that your first bra experience can be crazy confusing (and downright scary!). But who said anything about figuring it out on your own? Let our Dream Team help you find your first true love: aka, The Perfect Bra!

P.S. Did we mention we’ve done this hundreds of times?

When do I need to start wearing a bra?

There is not set age and it is different for everybody as we all grow at various speeds. In simple terms, you will need a bra when you no longer feel comfortable without one.

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In-store appointments are bookable online, and once you know your size, you can browse our latest collections with ease and confidence.

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Measure at home

If you can’t make it into store for our one-to-one appointments, our online sizing guide provides simple steps to measure at home.

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Buying your first bra:
what should you pay attention to?

Your first bra should have comfort at its heart. It shouldn't be too tight and should cover your breasts properly. Most girls will start with a bra without underwires and soft cups as these give you flexibility throughout the day to move as you please and are pretty much invisible under clothing.

Sound good? Let us tell you more about different styles of bras below...

Training bras

The perfect starter bra that offers both comfort and coverage during your growing years. It typically has a pullover style without underwire, padding, hooks, and wire. They’re the simplest and most comfortable ones of the entire lot. The stretchable cotton fabric facilitates a little room while you are still developing.

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For Early Growth


Crop tops

Crop tops are a good choice for tweens. They don't have any fiddly fastenings to worry about, so they're both comfortable and easy to wear.

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Style & Comfort!


Sport bras

Let’s assume it’s P.T. session in school & you don’t want any embarrassment to kick in. Here's when a sports bra is what can save you! They have thicker fabric and wider straps for firmer support and are very comfortable.

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High Support


Moulded bras

They are perfect for growing teens, they are soft bras in stretchable cotton material usually devoid of underwire. Being wire-free they offer less shaping yet are extremely comfortable for “initial bra training” phase. Vibrant colors & prints are available in this category.

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Time to get fitted


My first bra experience

When it comes to bras, fit is everything and we can help you! We know getting your first bra can feel like entering a whole new world but there’s no need to be embarassed - we got you!

1  Get measured

You will be in trusted hands with our specially trained Dream Team who will guide you step by step through the measuring process. Plus, the Dream fitting room is aglow with a sunset haze, your own private cloud-like space to lounge and enjoy.

2  Try on styles!

The fun part! After we take your measurements we will create a beautiful rail of styles best suited to you. Choose and try on the pieces, colours and shapes you like the most!

3  Make it memorable

We like to celebrate every stage of your journey to finding your perfect first-time bra. We want you to leave the Dream store feeling extra special with an exclusive Dream gift to mark the moment.

4  Save your size online

Once you know your size, you can browse our latest collections with confidence. Remember, you can always visit this page at any time to help you learn more about different styles and shapes while you shop.

Measure at home

Band Size

How to measure your band

First, wrap your tape measure around your rib cage, directly under your bust. The tape measure should lie exactly where the band of your bra would naturally sit. It should be level and snug. This is your band size.

So, if your rib cage measurement is 30 inches, your band size is 30. If the number is an odd number, you might need to try both the band sizes above and below to see which fits you best.


Cup Size

How to measure your cup

Next, wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, level with your nipple, and then round the number in inches to the nearest whole number. You will then need to subtract your band measurement from this number. 

So, if your bust measurement is 34 inches and your band measurement is 32 inches, you’ll do the calculation 34-32 and be left with 2. You can then use the table below to discover your cup size. In this example, your bra size would be 32B.

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